Writing is a passion I carry in my veins--at the service of the beliefs and values I was raised to uphold and defend. It's my way of following in my family's footsteps and carrying out a mission by denouncing and refuting the evil of right wing ideologies from a Catholic Social Teaching perspective. Writing is an inherited God-given gift handed down to me together with the same calling my parents and grandparents had responded to by being way ahead of their time in matters of equality and social justice--all anchored in our faith. The Catholic Church I was brought up to love leans left and rejects any sort of prejudice, whether it's racism, homophobia, xenophobia, ableism, ageism, or anti-immigrant sentiments. It's the Church that got persecuted and bathed in the blood of their saints and martyrs who devoted their lives and quite often gave them up for the sake of the poor, the underrepresented, the underserved, and the disenfranchised. Borrowing from Dorothy Day's words, it's "the Church of the poor and the immigrant." It's the Church that Pope Francis leads and is saving from "the gates of hell" embodied by the so-called "Christian nationalism" in any of its variants.

I am an attorney licensed in CA--and yet, living in RI. I used to practice immigration and bankruptcy law in San Diego. I find writing to be my best vehicle to convey my messages and make a difference. Furthermore, because I'm totally ProLife with no exceptions, I need to show that the right-wing is neither ProLife nor pro-birth either. Catholic Bishop Stowe correctly referred to Trump and his agenda as anti-life.

My writings also include anecdotes about the awesomely, incredibly, uniquely loving, selfless, self-giving family I have. Thank you.