Critic of visual art with precise attention to language, written and spoken. Professor of the history of art with field of specialization since World War II, but have taught, lectured on, advised and written about the span of art history in Europe and the United States. Author of more than 350 feature articles, exhibition and book reviews and previews for readers ranging from scholarly theorists to the general public. Vivacious speaker with dynamic synchronicity between sharp phrasing and sparkling illustrative images.

Specialty: environmental, ecological and environmentalist art. Author, Earthworks: Art and the Landscape of the Sixties, a widely contextualized history of the earliest genre of Land Art and Nedko Solakov; 99 Fears. Engaged environmentalist; working on a book on contemporary artists' responses to environmental threats.

Other Works

  • Nedko Solakov: 99 Fears


Awards and Recognition

  • Julius Silberger Award for interdisciplinary work in psychoanalysis, 2020, for the essay "Brother's Keeper: Robert Smithson's Anti-Elegiac Pictures"