Leslie Del Re is a French and Italian poet, writer, and author of "Springtime's Odyssey", a collection of poems originally written in French, and later translated in English. Leslie is an avid reader, with a passion for the 19th-century French literature, especially the styles of lyricism influencing the Romantic movement.

She is inspired by the people, their culture, their origins, their ways of life. In fact, it was after a one year trip as a backpacker in South America — fully immersed in colorful and fascinating surroundings — that she wrote about the cycle of life in her collection "Springtime's Odyssey". Her poetry expresses deep emotions, and plays with the senses as to enhance the imagination in one's mind.

She has first studied Classics in Rome, Italy, where she obtained her BA. She then pursued her studies in Journalism, and also International Cooperation, from two different colleges in France and Italy, and has obtained her two MAs.

Leslie is now living in Los Angeles, California, and is always in search for new adventures.

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