I’m Sandra Sokoloff/Aunt San, a first-time children's picture book author, currently shopping my text "Lili and the Grey Dress." I live in New York City and have worked for over 25 years leading communications for iconic brands and organizations. Currently, I head up global public relations for Alvarez & Marsal, an international professional services firm.

I actively participate in the fashion industry covering New York Fashion Week runway shows and supporting the Fashion Institute of Technology as a member of its Couture Council. I follow current trends from sustainability and consignment shopping to e-commerce platforms and plus-size models that are shaping the industry’s future.

Lili and the Grey Dress was born from my desire to create a special gift for my London-based step-granddaughter, Lili Williams, on her fifth birthday. I wanted to celebrate the ways dresses transport her in play and acknowledge what they mean to her. The story represents my belief that inanimate objects can “speak” in compelling ways, serve as markers for life’s emotional milestones, and engender experiences that help us grow.