I have been interested in human language for as long as I can remember. No wonder I have explored this topic from every possible angle: from ancient languages to modern languages, from hardcore linguistics, i.e., language as an object of the investigation itself, to creative writing and literary criticism, i.e., language as a means of artistic expression.

I am an award-winning researcher in Historical Linguistics (Harvard University’s Research Fellowship in Hellenic Studies 2020; Publicis Group’s Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet Foundation Award “Prix de la Vocation” 2015), a multilingual (Italian, English, French, and Spanish) published author (academic and creative writing), a public speaker, and a highly qualified translator.

I originally come from a small village (300 people!) named Coazzolo, in Northern Italy. After spending several years in Paris to pursue my Ph.D. at Sorbonne University, I fell in love with Los Angeles, and I currently live in this beautiful city. In light of my life journey, I fight against the discrimination that minorities – and above all, women – still have to face in Academia and, more generally, in their professional lives.