I’m a wordsmith, grammar nerd, and continual learner. My background includes 20+ years working as an ADDY Award-winning copywriter and associate creative director; then writing and editing proposals in the DC metro area for USG and commercial contracts.

My writing credits include high-level fundraising and direct marketing campaigns; back cover and catalog copy; articles for magazines, trade and academic journals, and newspapers; and educational booklets.

Currently, I'm working on AMERICAN QUEEN, a work of historical fiction about the life of Anna "Nannie" Cabot Mills Davis Lodge (1851-1915), the extraordinary wife of Senator Henry Cabot "Cabot" Lodge Sr. One historian characterized her as "the most brilliant woman in America" and Teddy Roosevelt (a close friend) said that the exquisite Nannie was "the closest thing to a queen that America's ever had." As one of countless remarkable-yet-overlooked women through history -- one whose role in Cabot's life was of incalculable value, Nannie's story deserves to be told.

When I'm not writing or editing, you'll find me buried in a book, doing some research, creating something from my beloved Julia Child French cookbooks, or traveling with my husband.