Linda Rabben is an author, anthropologist and human rights activist. She is currently preparing her eleventh book, a social history of stained glass in Baltimore, for publication in late 2023. Her ninth and tenth books, "My Brazil: Reports from the Interior" and "Journeywoman: A Writer’s Story," were published on Amazon in 2021. Her eighth book, "Sanctuary and Asylum: A Social and Political History," is based on research in the US, UK, and Europe. Her other books are about international human rights issues.
Linda did anthropological research on Brazil for more than 30 years and worked as a researcher for Amnesty International. From 2008 to 2010 she coordinated the Refugee Professional Recertification Project for the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service. She has spoken about human rights issues to diverse audiences in the US, UK, Ireland, Holland, France and Brazil. Since 2015 she has been an associate research professor of anthropology at the University of Maryland.

Other Works

  • My Brazil: Reports from the Interior

  • Journeywoman: A Writer's Story

  • Sanctuary and Asylum: A Social and Political History

  • Give Refuge to the Stranger: The Past, Present and Future of Sanctuary

  • Walking the Forest with Chico Mendes

  • Brazil's Indians and the Onslaught of Civilization: The Yanomami and the Kayapo

  • Fierce Legion of Friends: A History of Human Rights Campaigns and Campaigners

  • Unnatural Selection: The Yanomami, the Kayapo and the Onslaught of Civilization

  • Rome Has Spoken


Awards and Recognition

  • Spann Memorial Essay Prize, 1987.
  • Catholic Press Association award for National Catholic Reporter cover story about Chico Mendes, 1990.