Paula Chapman’s always loved writing. Her first job out of college was with Holt, Rinehart and Winston/CBS Publishing in New York City, where the president of the company approached to shake her hand just as she’d grabbed a gooey danish. These things stick with you, literally.

Paula is a freelance writer/editor and technical writer. Her editing experience is mostly with fiction (Women's, Romance) ), line, copy, and developmental editing.

Paula penned two prescriptive nonfiction educational and business books (one for Shark Tanks' Kevin Harrington, How to be an Inventor) and was an agent/business manager in the music and nonprofit fields.

Paula has published two books, VACATION, a nonfiction account of her travels from the nineties through 2013, and THE SUPPLIER, a novel about a woman’s struggle with fertility and love. She has written a three-part police suspense novel series, THE END OF SEPTEMBER, a quotations book, and numerous short stories, comedy routines, lyrics, and a TV sitcom script based on real events in an unemployment office, FRONT DESK.

Life had other plans for her, and Paula adopted two wonderful children. She’s recently turned to writing fiction full-time.

Completed works:
• PENNY’S SONG, based in 1970, is the story of a young, pregnant, music aficionado, Penny Herrick, who flees her domineering parents to find sanctuary in Greenwich Village, where she can start a new life and raise her baby among community. When she meets a kind busker, Randy Wilton, who takes her in when she becomes homeless, her views on life and love change in ways she'd never imagined, for better...and for worse.
• WHY NASHVILLE WHY—A m/m romance featuring Knill Santino who moves from rural New York State to Nashville just after 911 in pursuit of fame and lifestyle freedom, who meets a potential love interest. Too bad he's his rival—and a jerk.

In process:
• PENNY’S NEW SONG—Penny’s continuing story as a music agent in Los Angeles with Randy Wilton, their daughter, Harmony, bassist Ray Brown (her new love interest), his daughter Zophie, and a new band of talented but quirky musicians.
• HARLEY'S ECLIPSE—Valerie Buckner, a “drag king” employment counselor with anxiety and a cancer diagnosis was recently widowed by suicide, is raising two kids for whom she seeks a new family in an unfamiliar cousin clear across the country, while she uncovers the reasons underlying her husband’s death.
• PLATINUM—a memoir about Paula’s experience with a rare cancer while dealing with her husband's stroke, teen son’s potential bipolar diagnosis, and infant grandson's impending death.

In her quest to be a professional author, Paula joined WFWA, Authors Guild, and Pitch to Published. She has attended multiple Writing Day Workshops and uses social media to meet and engage with other writers, beta readers, and critique partners.

Paula holds a bachelor’s in Communications and a master’s in Human Resources.

Paula grew up in Manhattan's Greenwich Village but currently resides in central New York. Her family includes her husband, children Rich, Alice, Logan, and Reese. Their family is rounded out with their handsome Labradoodle, Jimmy, who was born on Paula’s bed, chowhound Black Lab rescue, Belle, and newbie Lindy, a Jack Russell terror (oops, I mean terrier!). She is a recovering shopaholic who enjoys music (surprise!) and playing the drums, hiking, camping, travel, and home improvement.