David Larson wrestled a 300-pound black bear when he was fourteen and full of testosterone and Jesus. That prepared him for a life of storytelling. Larson is an award-winning Fortune 500 marketing executive, has written WEST: Journey Across the Plains; Mr. Meeks (a prequel/sequel to WEST); The Last Jewish Gangster, The Early Years; MAYDAY: A Collection of Short Stories; A Silken Thread screenplay adaptation (with Debbie Allen attached to direct); Savage Reprisal screenplay adaptation; Pit Stop screenplay; ghostwritten a historical fiction fantasy; ghostwritten an autobiography of a boring man, and, ghostwritten two fiction novels, one weaving two separate stories to merge and save a life while falling in love, the other a tale of a global catastrophe which send the world into an ice age and the band of preppers bent on survival. His current projects include completing second and third tomes of The Last Jewish Gangster; two children's books, The Bed Ate My Jammies and The Loneliest Spoon; Kathy's Serial Killer, a fictional account of a true crime thriller; and, The Lamb's Pimp, an account of Larson's teen years raised by evangelical holy-rollers.

Other Works

  • The Last Jewish Gangster: The Early Years