J.P. Biddlecome was born June 3, 2002. He has one younger brother, a mom who taught him, and a dad who drove double long tanker trucks and taught J.P. good work ethic.

He asked for a typewriter for his seventh birthday, illustrating how his writing interests began from a young age. His first writings were journal entries, which grew in creativity as he changed to short stories. He wrote his first full manuscript when he was 11, a story he called Alternate World.
J.P. is dyslexic, but his perseverance, creativity, and desire to learn have pushed him on. He was the youngest artist, for three years, at the Two Rivers Art Gallery in Chiloquin, Oregon (near Crater Lake). He has published two books in 2019, two more in 2020. and is still releasing new works each year.

In 2021 his second book, Big Noise, won the Author of the Year award.

He currently lives in Corvallis, studying Environmental Sciences and Aquatic Biology at Oregon State University.

Other Works

  • Red on White

  • Oldman

  • Insane and 1/2

  • Big Noise

  • Infantry Soldier


Awards and Recognition

  • 2021 Author of the Year Award (presented by Peter James Gunion Ljung)