John Gregory Evans writes from his soul. A gut feeling if you will. He digs deep and excavates absolute emotion from raw and hungry places requiring holistic healing and love. The healing power of the written word joined only by his skill as a self-taught writer/poet moves swiftly into a metaphorical and discursive manner demonstrating his truth/story from a world of darkness. John is not afraid to reveal the wounds of his life to a hurting global community of people indigenous to life's living troubles. Evans has studied Religious Studies at the University of Incarnate Word and Humanities and Psychology at Southern New Hampshire University. His passions when not writing are Pen & Ink Nautical Renderings, Photography, but as John wishes to state, "Nothing compares to sharing his story of darkness, healing, and jubilation through the craft of writing poetry."

A Brief Encounter with a Haibun: Journal Entry, Apr 26, 2022

I have nothing to report except life has its challenges, worries, and sufferings from the humanity factor. At times, I disengage from society in search of a better way. I have found a few patristic quotations, and poetry enabling me to cope with my struggle. I have sung my song of sorrow, though tearfully frightening, a terror that rises from depths of darkness; and decades of fear from the unknown, with no counsel, no wisdom, and no leverage, whatsoever. A balancing act. One has claimed me as hajis (hajis is a poetic genius), yet, my prose stems from pain, so how may it be as it is? I write what I discover within the well that often overflows, and scares the hell from me. Time becomes my antagonistic phantom with a dimensional loupe, mystical memory, and a soul full of thirst. It is a superfluous extension of my very heart, mind, body, and soul; a raw kind of courage besets me in time of need. I am in need! Subsequently …
“Pain arrives, pain leaves
my heart knows no difference.
another round to bite … “
John Gregory Evans © 2022 (Based upon the suffering of military PTSD, Military Sexual Trauma, Suicidal Ideation and Attempts by the Author).

“(Note: “another round to bite …” implies several human characteristics: Another round of pain. Another round of worry. Another round of suffering. Another round of ideation or attempts. Another metaphorical M-60 round to chew on).”

John Gregory Evans:
A Brief Biography; A Spiritually Realized Poet and his Human Experience

I never identified with Traumatic Brain Injury until the recollection of catastrophic incidents demanded from me in 1972 by a Marine Corps S/Sgt. based at MCB Camp Geiger through Infantry Combat Training. Nonetheless, a thing I must put behind me. It did, however, assist me in defining myself as a poet, and no dangers I faced during the era may prove otherwise. I poeticize these inkwells of memoir based upon what I describe as “The Illusive Firing Squad” and subsequent prose poetry written in 2016-17, of recollections of my active duty service during the Vietnam War, within my second poetic manuscript entitled: I Am: The Tiny Mustard Seed (CreateSpace, 2017), of which I aspire to discontinue sales through this venue, thus transferring the title to a small-based press legendary by its own merits. The initial book was self-published before its time of full recollection was fully realized and must be re-written according to new recollected data. It is my every intention to create a new version of this manuscript with a more sensitive and polished feel.

Evans lives in the West with his wife Judy and Shih Tzu named Paavo.

Other Works

  • Vehemence: In Silence We Weep


Awards and Recognition

  • Award Winning Writer
  • Reference from Poet Scholar Annie Finch, PhD (Studied under Finch for 3 months)

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