John Liccione is Founder and CEO of Russi Leaks, a news media company focused on flipping the script on Putin in defense of Ukraine, democracy, and in the greater battle for the soul of the universe. John served honorably as a Staff Sergeant in the US Air Force and USAF Reserve as an intelligence analyst and Korean linguist when he was 18-25 years old. He also served as a civilian employee of the National Security Agency in 1983-1985. After leaving NSA in 1985 and obtaining his Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from the University of Maryland in 1988, he has had long, distinguished career as a high-tech and cyber-security executive in industry. He has invented two ground-breaking software and cloud products to include the Evergreen Disaster Recovery Management System in 2002 (US Patent 20040158766) which won SC Magazine's 2004 Judge's Award for the worlds "Best Disaster Recovery Service" a cloud service which provided 15-minute Microsoft Exchange and Blackberry disaster recovery with one button-click. In 2005 he invented Boxtone for Blackberry, the world's first mobile device management solution, while he was Chief Technology Officer at Boxtone (FKA Panacya). He worked at Tenable, a cyber-security software company, in 2011-2015 where he was Vice President of Worldwide Services as well as ran the Professional Services, Product Training, and Customer Retention Departments. He also served for four years as Executive Program Manager on Tenable's Department of Defense contract for ACAS, the DOD's cyber-security vulnerability scanning solution deployed worldwide and on all US Navy ships, which was and still is Tenable's software products to included Nessus, the world's leading hacking vulnerability scanning solution. He went into semi-retirement in 2018 after Tenable's July 2018 IPO and covertly began developing Russi Leaks in April of 2019. He launched Russi Leaks publicly on March 1, 2022 as a media company featuring exposes and news on Putin's evil plots and schemes, which now are laid fully bare with Putin's full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Russi Leaks remains dedicated to exposing Putin's crimes and evil schemes to the world, including to the Russian people, in response to Putin's massive international disinformation campaign.

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