Eldon Taylor, Ph.D. was a practicing criminalist for over ten years while completing his education. He supervised and conducted investigations, recovery, and detection of deception testing. He specialized in physical security, lie detection, forensic hypnosis, and intelligence and counterintelligence measures. His earliest work with subliminal information processing was conducted from this setting, including a double-blind study conducted at the Utah State Prison in 1986-87 and published in his book Subliminal Communication.

Eldon Taylor has made a lifelong study of the human mind and has earned doctoral distinctions in psychology and hypnotherapy. He is a certified psychotherapist and Fellow of the American Psychotherapy Association (APA) and a certified hypnotherapist with the American Guild of Hypnotherapists. At present, he is the President and Director of Progressive Awareness Research, Inc.

Eldon Taylor has made numerous appearances on television and radio and his work has been cited in the national press on many occasions. He is considered by many to be one of the foremost authorities on subliminal information processing.

Eldon Taylor has participated in independent studies regarding his work with a number of researchers at leading institutions such as Stanford University, Weber State University, Colorado State University, Munich University, Bremen University, and the Institute of Mexican Social Services (Medicine)to name a few.

Eldon Taylor's experimental educational properties (e.g. Cancer Remission, AIDS, etc.) have been prescribed for patients across America and Mexico. The data from a longitudinal study regarding these properties has demonstrated a solid mind-body connection (psychoneuroimmunology) and has led to the development of new innovative non-intrusive health care adjuncts. Some of these new evolving technologies have been rigorously studied in double-blind designs, (e.g. depression and attention deficit hyperactive disorder) and found to have statistically significant efficacy.

Eldon Taylor's books and other works are available in public libraries and are currently offered in seven languages and in fourteen countries. He has led many workshops and made presentations in the United States, Mexico, China, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Eldon Taylor's work has been featured and written about in major popular publications of a diverse nature, such as Omni, Newsweek, Body Mind Spirit, and The Spinal Network.

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