Gary Reid Galbreath or “Reid” as his friends call him, is a former police officer and state investigator originally from California. He has worked on countless investigations in government, health insurance, and the private sector. He has over 17 years of experience in law enforcement, investigations, and security. During this time, he had the privilege of serving as a Terrorism Liaison Officer, Training Officer, and Lead Public Safety Officer.

Reid’s law enforcement career abruptly ended when he was fired for being a government whistleblower. Based on his own experiences, Reid is an advocate for whistleblowers who expose corruption, fraud, waste, and abuse. In addition to writing, he hosts a podcast called Whiskey & Whistleblowing.

Reid has worked with charities focused on assisting underprivileged, special needs, and terminally ill children. Reid loves sharing stories, especially while sipping bourbon from a rocks glass. Reid is a nerd at heart who collects unique liquor bottles and other memorabilia.

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