I am the author of three novels; "Black Plume: the Suppressed Memoirs of Edgar Allan Poe" published by Simon and Schuster; "Vodoun", a thriller that mixes Haitian politics and voodoo, published by William Morrow; and "U.S.S.A.", a speculative mystery set in American-occupied Russia, also published by Morrow. "U.S.S.A." was a Book Of The Month club selection and was translated into several languages.

I am a produced screenwriter with credits that include"Copycat", the Warner Brothers thriller starring Sigourney Weaver and Holly Hunter. A third generation Californian, I'm the co-author, with Elisa Makunga, of "L.A. Adventures", a travel guide to exploring the Los Angeles area by rail.

I recently finished a new novel "Under a Secret Sky". It’s a family-centered mystery/drama, set during the Cold War in the San Francisco Bay Area, and an off- limits town marooned in the Mojave desert.