I graduated in Science Writing from Oregon State University in 1990.

My hobbies include Ballroom and Salsa dancing. I enjoy fast-walking the park which loops around Mission Bay in San Diego.

I love to travel to intriguing destinations. These form backdrops for the whodunit-suspense-thrillers I write for Amazon.

For the past four years, I've published six Suspense-Thrillers:
Diamond Death, Amethyst Death, One After Another, Golden Death, Crimson Death, and Emerald Death are available as Kindle e-books, paperbacks, and hard covers on Amazon.com. Diamond Death is also available as an Audio book:

Books by Emmeline August currently available on Amazon and ones that will be released in the future - enjoy the read and many thanks for buying my books!

Diamond Death - A Kat Velvet twist & turn thriller set against the backdrop of the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta and the tropical heat of South Florida. Bodies drop as greed, glamour, romance and murder surround Katri, her sister Geri and Aunt Jan. – Book 1

Amethyst Death – A Kat Velvet twist & turn thriller set in South Florida in 2001. A gripping tale of romance, intrigue and murder unfolds. Help Mickey and Katri untie the knot of trouble as the bodies pile up and the puzzle explodes at sea. – Book 2

One After Another – A Kat Velvet twist & turn thriller set in South Florida in 2012. Trouble and terror engulf Katri and Mickey when the FBI investigates daughter Tilly's missing schoolmates. – Book 3

Golden Death – A Mina Bartanoulis international suspense thriller set among the marinas and islands of Greece. Help Mina find her sister Lu and unwind the mystery of chaos surrounding Lu. Solve the mayhem of murder amid Ballroom Dance venues in Boca Raton, Athens and San Diego. – Book 1

Crimson Death – A Mina Bartanoulis international suspense thriller involving drugs and murder in the interconnecting worlds of Fashion and Ballroom Dance. Help Mina, her sister Lu and their cousin Hanover investigate the treachery dogging model-friend Eloise. Follow the trail from Santorini to San Juan. – Book 2

Emerald Death – A Mina Bartanoulis international suspense thriller set on a luxury cruise ship sailing the Panama Canal. Amateur sleuth Mina is hunting her father’s killer and a missing cache of emeralds. Trouble erupts when Mina and her friend Tressa follow the clues from Columbia to Boca Raton. – Book 3

Copper Death – A Mina Bartanoulis international suspense thriller set in the countries of Greece, Albania and Egypt. Mina, Hanover, Ezzie and Bella unravel an international terror plot detonating on the Nile. Coming Soon - Book 4

I wrote food articles for the Oregonian, the Eugene Register Guard, and Camperways magazine and self-published a cookbook while living in Egypt. I also concocted a puzzle for Dell Pencil Puzzles and wrote business articles and business manuals for a bank.

I was thrilled to receive a certificate in Pastry from the Cordon Bleu School in Paris. *Member Author's Guild, Bryan Cohen's Authors and Writers Group, and San Diego Smooth Dancers.

I live in San Diego, and whenever possible, spend part of my time in Greece. HAPPY READING!

Other Works

  • One After Another

  • Redshine - The Silliest Space-tale for Kids