My Facebook profile reads: I read, I write, I cook, I run, which says it all.

I am a journalist and editor, and have written about everything from insurance to migration, parenting to cinema in my career.

Because I am of Indian origin and got tired of people in the USA identifying Indian food with curry, I started a cooking school and catering company called Un-Curry in 2007. I wanted to show people how varied Indian food was, that there was no such thing as curry in India, and that it was quite easy to cook real regional Indian food.

Apart from my journalistic writing, my work includes a couple of cookbooks and a food memoir. Today I work for America's Test Kitchen, editing cookbooks, and hope an Indian cookbook will be on their list soon.

Though fiction is my first love, I never attempted writing it until now. I am working on my first novel. I'm 53 so I say, better late than never.