Mark Pittman is an author and T.V commercial producer/director whose career spans almost 50 years. Mark produced the film REBORN with Dennis Hopper & Michael Moriarty for director Bigas Luna. For German TV he produced the film TEOTIHUACAN and later the T.V. series DROPPED, for Swedish television.

The list of film directors and directors of photography who Mark has produced for in Mexico contains some of the best Who’s Who in film production. Distinguished people like Emmanuel Lubezki “The Revenant, Gravity, The Bird Cage”, Doug Liman “The Bourne Identity” “Jason Bourne”, Dante Ariola “Arthur Newman”, Daniel Kleinman “Skyfall”, “Spectre”, Mark Pellington “Arlington Road”, Caleb Deschannel “The Right Stuff”, “The Natural”, “The Patriot”

Recently, Mr. Pittman has focused on adult literature with a series of cold war spy novels. His three books currently in print are The Girl With Something to Hide, The Girl Who Shot JFK and The Girl Who Came Calling, written in collaboration with co-author Richard Eaves. The fourth book in the series, The Girl in the Polka Dot Dress, is scheduled for publication in June, 2022, and a fifth book, The Girl Who Wouldn't Cry, is tentatively scheduled for release early in 2023.

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