Lois Swann, born in New York City and raised in Westchester County, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama from The School of Speech, Marquette University. She won the Bohem Memorial Prize for Poetry and the Ohioana Library Association Award for First Novels. Swann is the author of four novels, THE MISTS OF MANITTOO, TORN COVENANTS, SIPPICON (due in 2015) and THE PAINTER. A Dutch edition of THE MISTS OF MANITTOO was published.

Lois Swann's business career includes writing and editing for a major accounting firm and a money-center bank in New York City. She prepared homeless women for their G.E.D. tests and founded Calliope's Chamber, an ensemble of music and literary readings.

Ms. Swann is a collectee of the Howard Gotlieb Archival and Research Center, Mugar Memorial Library, Boston University. A special feature of her New England novels is her use of the Narragansett language.

The mother of two grown children, Ms. Swann lives on Cape Cod with her husband, a sea captain, and travels frequently to Western and Eastern Europe.

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