Now that my sixth book has been published, I have figured out what I’m doing as I write. None too soon!

I am capturing the biographies, the memoirs, of people whose stories would likely be lost in our busy and complex world.

Jackie, with her traumatic brain injury from the execution-style shooting, could not write her story alone.

DarRen and I co-wrote our overlapping stories. As a “lifer,” he did not have access to the world of publishers in the ways I did. Our co-writing enriched both of our life experiences.

Tera could not write her story of the end of her life, the hoarding and the cancer. With help from her sister, I captured her tale.

Nancy’s story includes her own words in ribald and poignant ways as she used her attitude to love life and ultimately deal with the disease [dermatomyositis] that took her too soon.

Joshua's story is the third leg of the prison reform writing I've done. He worked as a prison guard, parole officer, and ultimately moved to work in prevention -- helping mostly Black pre-teens make positive life choices (staying out of gang life).

Diane tells of her life journey from life in foster care to successfully moving to college graduation and on to ministerial work.

I am now working with three other writers, helping with their memoirs. A fascinating, challenging, and intimate process as we move from dream to publication.

I hold a Ph.D. in adult learning from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and then a BA and an MA in English (Luther College and Winona State University). In recent years, I worked at Madison College and then taught at Edgewood College, both in Madison, WI until retirement in August 2018.

Other Works

  • A Purpose-Driven Life of Helping Others

  • Rounding Third and Finally Home

  • Hernzebekana: Her Language of Love

  • Nancer the Dancer: Myositis and Me

  • Tera's Tale: Rebel on the River

  • In Warm Blood: Prison & Privilege, Hurt & Heart

  • Because I Am Jackie Millar


Awards and Recognition

  • In Warm Blood: Prison & Privilege, Hurt & Heart -- Best Book Awards: Finalist Multi-Cultural: Non-Fiction and Finalist True Crime: Non-Fiction Tera's Tale: Rebel on the River -- March 2019 Finalist, Eric Hoffer/Montaigne Metal Nancer the Dancer -- Reader's Favorite, Five Stars
  • Readers’ Favorite review of “Walking the Line: There is No Time for Hate”Reviewed by Kimberlee J Benart for Readers’ Favorite Some biographies can touch you in ways you wouldn’t have imagined. Walking the Line: There is No Time for Hate by Joshua William Clauer and Judith Gwinn Adrian is one of those. Although written to inspire teens and pre-teens to reject the gang lifestyle, this book does much more. I found it raw, real, and utterly mesmerizing…. Clauer and Adrian give us not only the story of an inspirational life but a blueprint for confronting some of the problems we face on the streets and in the homes of America today….In the end, he asks, “So what does it mean to be a man?” and he answers his question with simplicity and clarity. Highly recommended