Diana Mathur writes The Linden Tree & the Legionnaire series set in World War II Latvia. The first four titles take place during the 1940 communist occupation. The work-in-progress, Thunder Cross, occurs during the 1941-44 German occupation.

Mathur has visited Latvia frequently to research primary sources, collaborated closely with the War Artist of the Latvian Legion, reclaimed real property confiscated by Soviet-era communists, dug up treasure buried in Latvian soil for fifty years, researched in the Museum of the Occupation’s “Corner House,” and traveled the trans-Siberian railroad to what’s left of the gulag archipelago on the trail of Stalin-era deportees.

She was the 2019 President of the Southern California Chapter of the Historical Novel Society. Diana dances with Perkonitis Folk Dance Company, based out of the Southern California Latvian Community Center in Los Angeles, which competed in the North American Latvian SongFest in Toronto last July.

As an MBA, Mathur is also a business writer, a feature writer for the Topanga New Times, and a ghostwriter/editor on select projects.

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