Morgan Chalut is assured by her six older siblings that she was born in Richardson, Texas, though she does not remember the event. There were witnesses and, eventually, photographs. They include pink. And petticoats. (Thanks, dad!)

Both of her parents were teachers of various flavors, and despite walls lined with bookshelves, it still took her a bit or urging to start reading on her own. (Thanks mom!) When she did, she was not to be stopped. Martial arts gave her the nickname 'Head Hunter', but the books called her 'The Devourer'. She lived in the worlds brought to life by the words on the page and at the first opportunity, she started writing her own.

School was a rollercoaster, and ultimately she learned improvisational acting and built enough confidence to talk to strangers without crying. She practices this skill frequently. Her husband, a textbook introvert, hates it, and insists that people in line at the airport and grocery store should be left alone. Psh! Nonsense! What does he know?

After a series of odd jobs, some more exciting and dangerous than others, she has found a love of efficiency, paperwork, and checklists, but needs them to involve fewer phone calls. Fingers crossed!

She still lives in Texas with her amazing, delightful, silly, charming, and handsome husband (it's okay to be jealous) and their two dogs. Caramel loves you already and Sammie is currently imagining peeing on your grave. No hard feelings.

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