William Ulrich is President of Tactical Strategy Group, Cofounder of Business Architecture Associates, President of the Business Architecture Guild , and Cutter Consortium Fellow. As a management consultant, Mr. Ulrich serves in the role of advisor, mentor, and workshop leader to corporations and government agencies worldwide. He is a thought leader in the fields of strategy execution, business and IT transformation, and business architecture.

Mr. Ulrich has authored or coauthored several books, including Legacy Systems: Transformation Strategies, Information Systems Transformation: Architecture-Driven Modernization Case Studies, and Business Architecture: The Art and Practice of Business Transformation. During the 1990s, Mr. Ulrich coauthored two books defining strategies and techniques for identifying and resolving large-scale Y2K software challenges, with Computerworld naming his first book The Y2K Bible.

As a Business Architecture Guild® cofounder, Mr. Ulrich contributed significantly to the formation of the Guild’s Business Architecture Framework™ and played a major role in defining the now accepted de facto approach to business architecture used worldwide. He has been a principal contributor to A Guide to the Business Architecture Body of Knowledge® (BIZBOK® Guide), coauthored the Guild’s Business Architecture Quick Guide, and remains editorial advisor to the Guild’s Editorial Board. Mr. Ulrich co-chairs the Business Architecture Innovation Summit, an annual gathering of leaders and practitioners in the field.

Mr. Ulrich pioneered business-driven IT transformation, authoring The Systems Transformation Methodology (TSRM®), which was used on numerous IT transformation projects worldwide throughout the 1990’s. Active in the international standards community, Mr. Ulrich serves as co-chair of the OMG, Architecture-Driven Modernization task force, which has produced a wide range of software analysis and metric standards and was a contributor to the pending Business Architecture Core Metamodel (BACM) under review at the OMG. He has additionally participated in work related to updating Open Group’s TOGAF® standard. Through his work with the US Patent and Trademark Office, Mr. Ulrich designed the “Dynamic Rules-Based Routing Map™”, which is a way of designing and articulating architecturally robust, event and state-based workflow.

Other Works

  • Information Systems Transformation: Architecture-Driven Modernization Case Studies

  • Legacy Systems: Transformation Strategies

  • The Year 2000 Software Systems Crisis: Challenge of the Century


Awards and Recognition

  • Heartbeat of America Award https://tacticalstrategygroup.com/businesit/