Formerly an interior designer and painter, Pamela Hull wrote her first book, Where's My Bride? at age sixty. This venture was to be a one-time effort, a tribute to a remarkable man and marriage. However, as the endeavor unfurled, she unearthed a keen love for writing narrative.
Her second book, SAY YES! Flying Solo After Sixty explores how neither age nor being single is an impediment to living a rich life - a subject relevant to all ages and genders.
Moments that Mattered followed SAY YES! It describes ordinary but life-altering experiences that have influenced one's personal life journeys.
And now, for the first time, a work of fiction. What Love Looks Like is a complex, often bittersweet collection of unforgettable short stories involving very disparate relationships.
Ms. Hull's essays and poetry have been widely published in select journals such as The Bellevue Literary Review, Ars Medica, Lumina, and North Dakota Quarterly.
Her two children were born on the East Coast and raised on the West. Despite bi-coastal lures, the author has chosen to reside in Manhattan for the grand adventure of flying solo in a great city.

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