As a publishing consultant and literary attorney, Denise represents and educates authors—whether traditionally or self-published—about contracts, copyrights, and other publishing-related issues. Denise specializes in analyzing publishing, agency, and audiobook contracts for a flat fee which includes a one-hour consultation. As well as reviewing, revising, or creating agreements for writers who work-for-hire, report (newspapers and magazines), ghostwrite, blog, co-author, or edit, Denise provides other publishing related services such as pre-publication reviews, securing permissions (for illustrations, photos, quotations, song lyrics, and derivative works), registering copyrights, and drafting terms of use and privacy policies for websites. To learn more, please see her website at www.abovethedottedline.com or send your questions to her at info@abovethedottedline.com. Denise is a licensed attorney in both California and New York.

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