Amy McCoy’s debut children’s novel, Little Big Sister, shares the sibling perspective of growing up with a brother who has special needs. Amy’s children, Matthew and Kathryn, are the inspiration for her books and her work. Amy visits elementary schools, libraries, bookstores and other community groups offering interactive presentations highlighting disability awareness.
Amy is a former elementary school teacher who has also worked in special education advocacy helping families connect with services. Currently, she is a disability educator and in 2019 published a sequel titled Little Big Sister on the Move. She is working on a third novel and writes a special needs parenting blog titled “Dancing in the Rain”.
Amy’s goal with her books and her work is to help siblings who grow up alongside a brother or sister with any disability to feel less alone and more supported on their journey. Her mission is to help people of all ages to “get it” better about what life is like living with a family member who has autism or any disability.
Amy is a graduate of University of Richmond (BS Education) and Hofstra University (MS Education). She enjoys reading, practicing yoga, listening to music and spending time with her family. Visit her website at www.littlebigsisterbook.com and follow her book, Little Big Sister on Instagram or Facebook.

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