Originally from Upstate New York, a graduate of Hobart College and Columbia University, and a former life long employee of IBM, I am blessed with an amazing wife and four accomplished children. Serving in senior financial positions afforded my family and me the opportunity to live in England for one year, followed thereafter by four years in France. We consider ourselves as citizens of the world to complement our proud American heritage.

Retirement and the Covid lockdown provided the perfect opportunity to launch my writing career. I enjoy creative and imaginary fiction using strong characters to espouse my ideas on human purpose and human equality. The motifs of dreaming and oral traditions serve as the backdrop for my writing. Most of my characters practice mindfulness and are skilled in various forms of meditation.

I published my first book, entitled "The Dream of AO" in May 2021 and am currently working on a sequel. The historical backdrop is the Indus Valley civilization , circa 1700BCE, although my writing presages Vedic and early Hindu culture. I believe we can reference ancient civilizations to remind us that the timeless themes of love, courage, honor and redemption have long competed with treachery, deceit, hatred and lust. Professional storytellers perfectly recited long, epic morality tales, illustrating for all peoples the lessons for a virtuous life. Battles over dogma, spiritual beliefs, and rituals date well before written texts.

As an avid cyclist, I like to pedal alone on quiet country roads or traverse along the long ocean stretches, imagining the lives of my characters.

Other Works