Alan L Moss, Ph.D., is a unique and emerging voice in commercial fiction and nonfiction. His experience as a Congressional Fellow in the U.S. Senate, agency Chief Economist, and expert witness has provided him with a background rich with provocative contacts and compelling issues. His published novels spin sophisticated tales of conspiracy, politics, adventure, love, sex, revenge, and subterfuge. His protagonists are educated people driven to reach outside their routine environments to oppose far superior forces.
Plots involve complex schemes to amass power and wealth, often concerning rare substances, innovations, scientific breakthroughs, and exotic locations not well known by the general public. For example, stem cell cures (2009), rare earth minerals (2012), and drones (2014) are featured well before they came to the attention of the general public. Unconventional settings include New Zealand’s Canterbury Plains, Andorra La Vella, Kakabeka Falls, Ontario, and the Yucatan jungles of Mexico. Alan has written five published novels and two nonfiction works. See his website at www.alanlmoss.com.

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