Don began writing to entertain his friends in third grade, spinning adventures of their travels across moonscapes and oceans while dodging dinosaurs, pirates, and angry, cheese-scented teachers. Penning short stories throughout his life, he was satisfied to keep them in a filing cabinet for years upon end until he finally published his life-long collection of poetry in 2003.

After experiencing the behind-the-scenes life of live theater, Don began writing short plays, which have found stagetime in venues across the United States. At the same time, he's written successful grant proposals for theater, museums, and for the benefit of the homeless. Most recently, Don has pulled two of those short stories from that old filing cabinet, turning one into a full-length play and the other into a science-fiction novel.

Don lives in New Hampshire with his lovely wife, Jessica, his rapidly-growing son, Jacoby, and three catnip-crazed cats who impatiently demand to be entertained by the Bright Red Dot of Chasing.