I have spent my professional life working at the intersection of spirituality and social justice, both as Executive Director of several non-profit organizations and as a pastor. Although my doctoral work is in early Anglican spirituality, I have spent many years exploring connections between Christian and Buddhist contemplative traditions. I have written, spoken, and taught on topics ranging from spirituality to fundraising. Related my debut novel, Flute on a Misty Sea, I have studied the Japanese martial art of Aikido for 25 years (in which I hold a second-degree black belt), and I have also practiced the Japanese flute -- the shakuhachi -- for over 20 years. I have spent time in Japan studying both these disciplines, which I have also taught and which are part of my own (eclectic) spiritual practice. I live in Washington, DC, with my wife, our two (pandemically) stir-crazy children, and three rescued pets (a grumpy old dog and two cats).

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