William G. Duffy is an author and retired Mental Health Counselor living in upstate New York. He has studied and written on the Gospel of Thomas for over thirty-six years. His conviction that Thomas can be understood only in a non-dual context has been inspired and sustained by a variety of influences. These include a wide range of scholarly works on Biblical and noncanonical scripture, Christian mysticism, and the wealth of material from eastern traditions. As a boy in Cortland, New York, he attended a Catholic elementary and secondary school under the tutelage of the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany. He is a graduate of Syracuse University (BA) and the University of Toronto (BEd). He is a long-time, associate member of the Westar Institute. When he is not thinking, writing, or speaking about the Gospel of Thomas, he is enjoying the company of his extended and extensive family, playing golf, or quietly walking the hills and valleys near his home in New York. His website is williamgduffy.com.

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