Tabitha Orr is the daughter of a Vietnam Veteran and a School Teacher. She is the Granddaughter of Americans, Immigrants and first generation Americans.

She is from a legacy of artists. I have passed art on to my children, Ezra and Gabriella, to decorate the walls of our home.

Sitting among supplies, probably eating paste, but mostly drawing. If I wasn't covered in paint I was living between the pages of books. My early years included Saturdays full of The Little Rascals and Perry Mason. My first film experiences were Zorro, the Lone Ranger, Star Wars, Grease... I became lost in stories, head in the clouds, dreaming of other lives, other worlds. My best friends were cats, books and fictional characters.

Indiana Jones became my superhero and I proceeded to go to school for archaeology. Then life came at me like that huge boulder chasing me down a tunnel and my dreams of becoming an archaeologist were buried. I moved to Texas and the Southwest and became a wife, stay at home mom, homeschooling parent and owner of a home based seamstress business.

Imagine after 20 years of being out of the workforce and you suddenly have the opportunity to work in your field of dreams, literal dreams? I was asked to do the costumes for a few films. This turned into an adventure of becoming a costume and production designer, being able to get experience with different genres and styles. Life size imaginary worlds.

Enter 2020. I've traveled and lived from the West to the East Coasts of the United States, settling in the desert Southwest for 20 years. Like Indiana Jones I go where the clues take me and they are leading me back to the beaches of my childhood Florida to live with my father.

The next chapter is turning and a new adventure awaits. I will now be found creating miniature worlds, painting, collecting seashells, herding cats, being fired as my dad's golf caddy and finding new ways to hand stitch beads to tiny costumes.