Google cloud supply side manager and engineer, global cloud sales communication lead and White Glove account manager. Former award winning employee of Amazon, Microsoft, Dell, Xerox and Morgan Stanley Dean Witter. Managing software architect for many global banking systems as well as health and life sciences, pharmaceuticals and biotech. Background in macroeconomic strategy, law, ethics and financial services. Founder of various start ups & philanthropies for women and under represented audiences in Big Tech.

Business journalist, contributing editor, author & philanthropist promoting AI/ML accessability for the disabled, elderly and others in need of enhanced special learning & skills in this high tech world.

Founder of Nokta Inc - a women-led fintech company specializing in risk and compliance for machine learning and data regulation as a partner (not vendor) to global banks.

The common denominator in every job I have every taken is represented by VUCA. This is a term used primarily by the defense and public sector but has lately been adopted by organizations serious about cybersecurity in Big Tech, Global Banking, and Health and Life Sciences. Google it :)

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