I was first published in a trade paperback titled "LETTERS TO MY HUSBAND" in 1994. The book was then published in hard cover in 1995 in Canada, the USA, and Japan. My book is helping people survive the loss of a loved to this day. It's especially relevant now because so many people during the pandemic never had a chance to say goodbye - and my husband died suddenly in the middle of the night so we never said goodbye.
Since then I founded a publishing company because I wanted to do it "my way" and our first book -a meowmoir/mempior - titled THEY CALL ME DESTINY was entered into 3 contests and was a finalist in all three. The second book in the Destiny trilogy has just been published (oon May 9th) and book 3 (DESINTY MOVES TO LaLa LAND we hope will be published in early 2022.

Other Works