Robert Gary Dodds is completing a major historical biographical work due to being published in late January 2022 .

A USA International Film Festival has commissioned a short stage-play to be performed on their festival's opening gala night in January!

He is known as someone who has a quick wit and a sense of humor. As a published author of the biography, “Lady C - The Lioness Unleashed” (A biography of Lady Colin Campbell, Author & UK, TV celebrity), he is evolving into a serious writer of biographies and historical research. He is adept at assessing and reading people and asking intuitive questions that uncover the facts that make a great story.

Born in England of earlier Scottish and Cornish heritage, he married into one of Jamaica’s old families with Scottish roots and retained extensive contacts globally. Having worked with charities wherever they have lived, he currently sits on the Global Advisory Council of the Akilah Women’s Institute of Rwanda.

He is at ease in almost all cultures, having lived with his wife, Mary, of 43-years in Europe, the Middle East & Africa, Asia Pacific, and North America. He’s conducted work in the West Indies and Latin America, and he’s equally at home in Qatar’s empty desert quarter with Bedouin tribespeople or the lush Blue Mountains of Jamaica with old friends. Yet he loves nothing better than being with his grandchildren, children, wife, and three miniature Schnauzers in North Carolina, where they retired from their international careers in December 2014.

Spelling American style:
The author has lived in or worked for American companies, the last 20-years and has transitioned a long-time ago into using Americanized English spelling rather than British English. He begs his non-American English language reader’s understanding.
As British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill said,
“The Americans and British are one people separated only by a common language.”

Other Works

  • Lady C - The Lioness Unleashed