There's a reason why reading "WILD BLUE: Saving the World with Duct tape and WD-40" feels like you’re watching a blockbuster movie . . . it was originally a screenplay that came within minutes of being produced with two of Hollywood's top Action/Comedy stars. When the movie project got canceled, Earl turned the script into this hilarious romantic comedy/action-adventure novel.

One reader remarked, "WILD BLUE" is like watching "Romancing the Stone" meets "Back to the Future". Another said, "If Jerry Seinfeld and Albert Einstein had a baby, it would be Wild Blue."

Earl Trout has been working in mass media ever since he became a rock ‘n’ roll disk-jockey on his little hometown radio station at age fifteen. He had to walk to the studios because he was too young to drive. His laugh-out-loud newspaper column translated well to broadcasting and he quickly became a successful Los Angeles radio personality.

Earl has written and sold about three dozen television scripts and optioned two screenplays, one of which became "WILD BLUE".

And he sometimes sends an amusing text to his wife.

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