Cary Neeper studied zoology, chemistry and religion at Pomona college and medical microbiology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Av avid proponent of sustainability and steady-state economics, she has developed the Archives of Varok series to portray what a stable future might look like, using an entertaining setting of an alternate solar system, where savvy and attractive aliens are too close to ignore. Other writing includes two musical science fiction comedies, book reviews, and columns on astrobiology and animal sentience. Cary also paints landscapes in acrylics, including the cover art for The Archives of Varok series. Follow her online in the social media and on astronaut.com and the Los Alamos Daily Post column "How the Hen House Turns."

Other Works

  • The View Beyond Earth

  • The Alien Effect


Awards and Recognition

  • Nautilus Book Awards 2013--Silver medalist young adult fiction
  • ForeWord's Book of the Year Awards 2012--Finalist, science fiction