I was born and raised in Kentucky. I have been writing short stories since childhood but only began to show my work in 2018. That year, I won the Richard F. Snow Nonfiction Award for my creative short story I Love You, I Miss You Already, about the two year journey I shared with my husband after his diagnosis with cancer. I also began to submit monthly short stories on themes provided by the editor of Meeting House, a section of the Maine Portland Herald paper. After submitting a few articles where I discussed that my husband had passed away and how I was dealing with the loss, I was asked to continue to use the section to help others to follow my journey of recovery. My stories were been regularly printed from November 2018 and the collection of articles was presented at the Portland PechaKucha forum in March of 2020. In 2019, I submitted a creative non-fiction short story to Kaleidoscope on the theme Coming of Age in the 60s & 70s and how I was affected by the Women's Rights Movement. I wrote the story as I saw my mother struggle in an abusive relationship with my father. That story won second prize and was subsequently included in an anthology entitled "Reflections on Women's Journeys: In My Shoes". Lauren currently resides in Portland, Maine and is writing a book about her life.