Lindsay ‘Lindz’ Amer creates LGBTQ+ and social justice media for kids and families.
They are the Founder and CEO of Queer Kid Creative, a multi-media production company spreading queer joy through queer-focused intersectional all-ages media. They write, produce, and co-host Queer Kid Stuff, an original LGBTQ+ educational webseries for all ages and supplementary educational resources. They perform songs and stories for families across the country and they also produce and host a brand new family-friendly podcast called Activist, You! where they interview kid & youth activists. One time, Shonda Rhimes tweeted she’s “so here for this!” You can watch their TED Talk on why kids need to learn about gender and sexuality now with more than 2 million views!

When Lindz isn’t trying to build a queer kid empire, you can probably find them cooking, singing, working on a puzzle, painting, or snuggling with their pouch and partner on a New England beach.