VL Stuart is a journalist and author living in Costa Rica with her husband and dog. She is a long-time reader - usually of science fiction, historical mysteries, and epic fiction. As a teen, she cut her teeth on Heinlein and found the delightful worlds of McCaffrey as an adult. Her first genres were poetry and essays, and she won awards in both. Her 'Orb and Arrow' trilogy has been well-reviewed and is available on Amazon. Her work in progress, 'Warriors of the Kalahn,' is in progress and she recently completed ‘Master of Magic,’ another book set in the world of Orb and Arrow. As for her writing process, she is a pantster - "May all the gods bless grammarly.com. Even with an English degree, my errors are legion."
At present, she lives between two volcanoes, "But no worries, only one of them is active."

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