Conventional wisdom says that childhood often reveals one’s life passion. Linda Tancs discovered that for herself when she opened a treasure chest full of childhood mementos. Among the artifacts was a book created in the second grade. The so-called book was fashioned out of a single sheet of construction paper, bearing the simple title Books of My Own, complete with a homemade Dewey decimal call number. The desire to create was apparently very strong, for what followed during those tender years was a script based on the book He’s Your Dog, Charlie Brown for a backyard production directed by the author. And then came the design of a flag and the writing of a national anthem for a fictional country as part of a sixth grade social studies project. But childhood interests have a tendency to bow to the rigors of adult life and ambition. Linda’s path was no different. She pursued a career in the law and silenced her muse except for the writing of an occasional career-related article for a magazine or trade journal. In the end, though, the sirens of creativity lured her into the adventure of a lifetime. And that’s just fine with her. After all, a famous quote reminded Linda to go out on limb because that’s where you’ll find the fruit.

Drawing on her experience providing practical advice to laypersons, Linda wrote three books for Oxford University Press on the subject of intellectual property law. Those books were acquired and are now published by Thomson Reuters for their Westlaw imprint.

With an equal love for children’s fact-based fiction with an international flair, she self-published The Best Words Ever, a pocket book following a young boy who stutters as he readies himself for a big performance on Children’s Day in Norway. She indulges her passion for other cultures by writing a travel blog, Travelrific® Travel Journal.

Linda’s latest self-published book, From Brand X to Brand Rex, leverages her trademark and branding expertise, teaching small business owners how to develop and maintain effective brand strategies.

Other Works

  • From Brand X to Brand Rex

  • Understanding Patent Law: A Beginner's Guide

    2010, 2011
  • The Best Words Ever

  • Understanding Trademark Law: A Beginner's Guide

    2009, 2011
  • Understanding Copyright Law: A Beginner's Guide

    2009, 2011

Awards and Recognition

  • Quarterfinalist, 2021 ScreenCraft animation screenwriting competition
  • Finalist, Best Short Script, 2023 Garden State Film Festival
  • Finalist, Best Script, 2023 California International Children's Film Festival