A former business executive, Mark Allen Baker is an American biographer and historian. Known for his work on American culture, history and sports, Baker has written over twenty-five books including biographies on four members of the International Boxing Hall of Fame: "Battling Nelson, The Durable Dane'' (2016), ''The Fighting Times of Abe Attell'' (2017), "Lou Ambers: A Biography of the World Lightweight Champion... " (2021), and Willie Pep, A Biography of the 20th Century's Greatest Featherweight (2022). His recent works, in the area of Sports and Social Science are "Between The Ropes at Madison Square Garden, The History of an Iconic Boxing Ring, 1925-2007," and "The World Colored Heavyweight Championship, 1876-1937 (Drawing The Color Line) ."

Awards and Recognition

  • * Lifetime Donor Membership National Baseball Hall of Fame * Historian International Boxing Hall of Fame * Board of Directors Connecticut Boxing Hall of Fame * For Outstanding Preservation and Promotion of American History – DAR * Lifetime Award of Merit (2022) - State University of New York