Diane Goullard (pronounced Dee-Ahnn), nicknamed "Frenchie" handle from her ham radio days.

Professional activities include: Experienced, trained, and educated French <> English translator, proofreader, interpreter, voiceover artist, vocalist, narrator.

Professional activities in which Diane Goullard has experience include the literary and artistic domains, as well as the business domain - see https://frenchandenglish.com/translation-services/ for more details.

Other Works

  • Âme Qui Survit, © French translation 2020 Diane Goullard, Authorized translation of Soul Survivor, © 2004 Mary Ross Smith

  • Diary of a Robot, by Lewis Jenkins, Published by Author

  • Eight Months In Provence, by Diane Covington-Carter, Marshall & McClintic Publishing

  • Finding Gilbert, by Diane Covington-Carter, Marshall & McClintic Publishing

  • WWII handwritten diary, by Jean-Pierre Trébot, Private printing, not for publication

  • War Pilot Memoirs: A Mirror on 1939, by Jacques Drabier, SereyJones Publishing

  • Beyond Words, Getting to the Heart of Communication in One or More Languages for the 21st Century, by Diane Goullard, Author House Publishing


Awards and Recognition

  • Diane Goullard, winner of the Judith Radke Award for excellence in translation, for her translation of selections of Maurice Denis's journal from French into English.