Giulietta is a new author of her recently published book Heart Like a Wheel available through Amazon. She writes middle grade novels for children & teens, short stories, & poems and besides her newly published chapbook has two published poems in the literary magazine Seascape. She writes also for YA/adults and always for the ageless. She is a writer for six publications on Medium and can be followed at medium.com@gpass3woj/follow. She's also the creator of Mimi the Mad Queen on Tumblr - mimithemadqueen.tumblr.com. She is a degreed writer and in addition has completed basic and advanced writing courses for children and teens with the Institute of Children’s Literature. She was a former Supplemental Instructor for college English students & currently is a part-time Substitute Teacher. More news and information about her writings are available on her website at: http://www.gpassarelli.com.

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