In her spare time, Camisha Broussard, author of Daddy Issues, a memoir, raises her toddler son, acts as life-coach and advisor to her three adult sons, prepares Avocado smoothies for her husband, and teaches college freshmen how to not hate writing. With every other minute of the day, she writes.

A natural storyteller and crafter of engaging prose, she discovered her love for writing while in high school, and later found her writer's home at Chicago State University, where she earned her Bachelors Degree in Speech Communications, and later her MFA in Creative Writing.

Her professional journey with writing began in 2020, with her essay, “The Finger Points Both Ways,” published and curated in Medium.com and she later gained the attention of PS I Love You #Pitchwar editors with her pitch and ultimately completed essay, “My Husband Likes Straight Lines, While I Prefer Curves.”

A Chicago native and Houston adopted child, she enjoys writing prose that inspires warm tears, steals breaths, and makes readers need a hug or want to give one, and prefers to write while eating pizza and drinking her sixth cup of coffee.

Other Works