Alan Davis grew up in southern Louisiana and earned a Ph.D. at the University of Denver. His three collections of stories, each a prize-winner, are So Bravely Vegetative, Alone with the Owl, and Rumors from the Lost World. He’s co-editor of last year’s Visiting Bob: Poems Inspired by the Life and Work of Bob Dylan, and of ten issues of American Fiction: The Best Unpublished Short Stories by Emerging Writers. A story from his fourth unpublished collection can be found in Solstice at https://solsticelitmag.org/content/the-cafeteria-strut/. The first chapter of his unpublished novel can be found online in the same magazine: https://solsticelitmag.org/content/novel-excerpt-from-the-theater-of-the-invisible-guests/. Professor Emeritus at Minnesota State University and Senior Editor Emeritus at New Rivers Press, he now lives in the Upper Midwest, where he’s at work on those two books and on a third, The Never-Ending Book, which won’t end until he does. (Knock on wood.) You can follow him on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/alan.davis.r/.