Tom Smith is former Marine, postal worker, geologist, environmental scientist, and college instructor. He has a keen interest in history, and how humans interact during tumultuous times, especially the time in America’s history, between the Great Depression, the Dust Bowl, World War II, and industrialization.
Mr. Smith was born in Dallas, Texas, and spent considerable time as a young boy traveling to and from Southern California to visit family. He immersed himself in the kinship and conversations with his cousins, aunts, and uncles during those trips.
He developed his unique style of descriptive storytelling, with his words painting a powerful picture of rural life while he listened to the tales and recollections of the years before and after World War II. He wrote several small booklets before age ten about adventures and daring deeds.
Mr. Smith currently lives in San Antonio, Texas.

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Awards and Recognition

  • Kirkus Review: Smith mines a rich trove of family history to tell the fictionalized story of his parents, Red and Judy Smith, who hailed from farming families in East Texas and fell in love as teenagers. The book succeeds in its detailed evocation of Red’s transformation from a young farm boy to a seasoned soldier fighting in ferocious jungle battles in the South Pacific, tried by combat and buoyed by the strong bonds of friendship with a small band of fellow soldiers. In a prelude, Smith effectively foreshadows Red’s experiences during the November 1944 battle in Leyte in the Philippines. And although Red’s survival is never in doubt, the tension is high as each battle threatens his closest friends—Nobel Horner, Pete Petty, and Kenny Herrod. Crisp, believable dialogue and backstories bring these secondary characters into sharper focus. A well-researched tribute and a memorable addition to World War II literature.
  • Book promotion by Lemuel Sapian, Historian and Author, Brimingstone Writer Services: It was a very enjoyable AND informative read. If you want to know more about this period, what the individuals during this time had to endure both on the war front and at home, this is a MUST read book.
  • Book promotion by literary and industry professional, Match Literary Plus: The story is so powerful that it took me days to gather all my thoughts. The characters were inspiring and you can tell that the author is a great storyteller. He brilliantly described the unspeakable horrors of war and its effects on the people throughout. The book brings back memories from decades ago which makes a reader reminisce over those days. For me, I find the book to be memorable and classic in writing. Kudos to the author for this remarkable book! - Kasj45@LunicA
  • Book promotion by literary and book industry professional, Match Literary Plus: This book is filled with thrilling chapters and it makes you imagine what happened during those dark times of the War in the Pacific. The writing is so candid and I'm beyond words for how beautifully written this book is. The author did an amazing job of tailoring the story to fit what the readers are looking for. Freedom comes with a greater cause! The way those troops suffered was unimaginable. I'm highly recommending this book to everyone who loves history! Five-stars for this book. - Franklin K. Bronwyn
  • Book promotion by literary and book industry professional, Match Literary Plus: Tom Smith seemed to be a great historian. The story of his parents in this debut historical fiction is amazing. He accurately described the cultures and his description is very meticulously done. I'm definitely sharing this book with my friends, there's never a dull moment in the story. Tom Smith is a detailed author which makes me admire him more and his descriptions of life, love, joy, and pain, were an enjoyable read. - Brandon R. Watson
  • Book promotion by literary and book industry professional, Match Literary Plus: I'm just in awe for this wonderfully-written book! The love story of Horace Garlton “Red” Smith and Clara Juliette “Judy” Smith is not at all unique. I don't wanna spoil anything, you have to read the entire book to fully understand. This book is a must-read for everyone and it's actually an eye-opener for most of us. I think this should be made available in every school in the country. Our generation should be given the chance to read this masterpiece! - Monica H. Gallagher
  • Book promotion by literary and book industry professional, Match Literary Plus: I hope the author gets to write a second book, he's a genius in this craft. The ordeals those troops were able to endure was way beyond comprehension. It's an important story that transports you back to the most important era of our time. Each chapter just gets better and better as the story progresses. All I can say is that I had a fascinating read and I want to thank the author Mr. Thomas N. Smith for writing such an engrossing and engaging book. - Jasmine Faye P. Higgins