Yoon Im Kane is a psychotherapist, published author, keynote speaker and the founder and CEO of Mindful Psychotherapy Services, a Manhattan-based Psychotherapy Company. Trained at Yale University, Yoon has been providing mindfulness psychotherapy and training for over two decades. She also founded the Maui-based tech company, MNDlink, inc., a remote therapy platform that securely connects therapist with patients.

Yoon is the author of the award winning book, Mindfulness Workbook for Depression. Her 2nd ground breaking book, Women, Intersectionality and Power was published by Routledge Press and released summer 2021. It will be one of the first books in the mental health industry that highlights the impact of gender, power and intersectionality in group leadership and dynamics.

In addition to her writing and clinical pursuits, she is also an avid cyclist and runner who splits her miles between New York City and the trails of Hawaii. When she's not writing, treating her patients and running companies, you can find her on her Maui lanai with her family and friends, painting or meditating with her two Nigerian dwarf goats, Nietzsche and Plato. Readers can follow her on all social media platforms @mindful.nyc

Other Works

  • Women, Intersectionality and Power in Group Psychotherapy Leadership

  • Mindfulness for Depression workbook: Effective Mindfulness Strategies to Cultivate Positivity from the Inside Out