Yoon Im Kane is a published author, keynote speaker, and psychotherapist. She has over 20 years of experience practicing psychological treatment, having completed her clinical training at Yale University. Having honed her entrepreneurial skills as a co-founder of a medical wellness practice, she went on to establish and launch two new ventures: Mindful Psychotherapy Services, a psychotherapy clinic based in Manhattan, and MNDlink Software Company, founded in Maui, Hawaii.

Yoon's expertise and passion for mental health and psychological wellness led her to author two significant publications. Yoon's award-winning debut book,The Mindfulness Workbook for Depression, was published in a traditional manner by a major publishing house. Her second peer-reviewed book, Women, Intersectionality, and Power in Group Psychotherapy, was published, celebrated as a ground-breaking collaboration by industry experts, and used as a primary text in group psychology classes at major Universities. Yoon published both works with the mission to extend her clinical expertise beyond the walls of the therapy space.

In addition to her entrepreneurial, therapeutic, and literary pursuits, Yoon is presently conducting doctoral studies in the Neuroscience of Leadership at William James College. Her research, examining the psychological effects of marginalization and the resilience of leadership, integrates her expertise and understanding of trauma in individual and group psychology. Yoon is committed to her mission to empower integrated leadership beyond the realm of mental health, impacting wider systems and organizations.

Readers can follow her on all social media platforms @mindful.nyc

Other Works

  • Women, Intersectionality and Power in Group Psychotherapy Leadership

  • Mindfulness for Depression workbook: Effective Mindfulness Strategies to Cultivate Positivity from the Inside Out