New from Naomi Danis is "An emotionally honest take on the complexities of [childhood] friendship" (Kirkus), MY BEST FRIEND, SOMETIMES, a picture book illustrated by Cinta Arribas (May 2020).

Two recent books were praised in the New York Times Book Review: I HATE EVERYONE, with illustrations by Cinta Arribas (2018) (" ...reads like a version of Whitman's barbaric yawp" and WHILE GRANDPA NAPS with illustrations by Junghwa Park (2019) ("Here, the loss of a loved one is no grand event, but a fine, gleaming thread in the fabric of everyday life.")

Her books have been translated into Chinese, Canadian French, Japanese, Korean and forthcoming, Spanish and Catalan.

Her earlier books are WALK WITH ME, illustrated by Jacqueline Rogers (Scholastic/Cartwheel, 1995); SPLISH-SPLASH, illustrated by Elliot Kreloff (BeginSmart, 2008), and IT'S TOT SHABBAT, with photos by Tod Cohen (KarBen, 2011).

Naomi long ago earned a BA and MA in English from Stony Brook University, and an MS in Education from Bank Street College.

She is the managing editor of Lilith magazine, independent Jewish & frankly feminist, and lives in Forest Hills, New York.

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