I'm an entrepreneur and Berkshire County native. I'm the founder of the company Pied Raven Games, LLC, as well as the president, game designer, and artist. I created the game Hibernation, which won Best Family Tabletop Game in 2018 at the Boston Festival of Indie Games. Due to Hibernation's success, I received a book deal from Storey Publishing and have since authored "Make Your Own Board Game," which will be available come February 15, 2021. I attended Berkshire Community College and continued to the University of Massachusetts, where I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in Animation. Since then, I've worked in the marketing industry for years crafting television and radio ads. I've designed graphics for musical artists, held gallery shows, and published art in magazines and journals. In my free time, I'm busy running RPG campaigns, traveling on adventures with my wife, and hanging with my energetic pup.